Systems ListFunk AudioFW18.0

ManufactureFunk Audio
System typeSealed
Driver Size18 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume3.5 ft3
External volume5.74 ft3
Dimentions (Width × Height × Depth)22 " × 22 " × 20.5 "
Weight95 lbs
Power2400 W


This sealed subwoofer from Funk Audio turns in a very capable performance with no weaknesses in the design. It is an expensive unit at $3234 shipped within North America but the materials quality and finishing of the enclosure are very good. The cabinet has curver side panles and round overs, with countersunk driver and amplifier and  can be finished in almost any manner you can conceive of. There is also a passive version available for $2046. The amplifier and driver used in the 18.0 are both very high quality pieces as well. The M3 amplifier is a 2400w rated piece based on a Pascal platform and loaded with ALLDSP software which provides a very wide range of flexibility and processing power. There are both USB and Ethernet ports for connecting to a PC and making changes to the DSP settings or updating the presets or software. The M3 is also universal voltage which  is always a nice feature to have.  A rotary encoder knob with LCD display which is mounted above the amplifier on the FW18.0 backpanel is also available for a $150 upcharge. The TSAD18v1 driver is a Funk Audio designed piece which is assembled in house. It turned out to be a very high quality driver which easily accounts for a large chunk of the expense of the FW18.0. During the listening evaluations the FW18.0 sounded excellent and possessed a sense of composure and power that made it easy to enjoy. The battery of measurements performed on it also confirmed that it is well designed, capable and well protected. It may not offer the most bang for the buck but this is a very high quality subwoofer which excels in almost every metric except for cost.

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