Systems ListPowerSound AudioXV-15

Measurement Details

AmplifierClosed Loop
Outside Temperature71 F
Date TestedOct 13, 2012
Settings & Equalization
  • Volume at maximum
  • Low Pass Crossover bypassed
  • Phase at 0
  • Power set to On


The XV-15 turns in a good all around set of measurements. The basic FR response is flat and extended up until past 200Hz so it should be capable of being used with even smaller bass limited speakers. The waterfall decay shows no significant issues with energy storage or ringing and the group delay plot is clean and under 1 cycle of delay until below 17Hz. The high pass filter for driver protection below that point will cause an increase in group delay but this low in frequency it is very unlikely to be audible at all and the delay never gets much past 1 cycle anyway. 

The long term output compression testing shows that the XV-15 maintains good composure up to a 110dB sweep level with some compression occurring at the bottom end and the top end of the frequency range. Since the behavior was still good at this level a 115dB nominal sweep was tried but it resulted in only marginal increases in output and resulted in the limiter aggressively triggering near 16-20Hz. Clearly by this point the XV-15 system was giving all that it could. The protection circuits in place appear to prevent any likelihood of causing damage to the unit with careless input levels or unusual low frequency content.

The distortion results are interesting with low distortion in the middle of the bass range from 25-80Hz, an increase towards the low bass, which is very common due to greatly increased cone excursion, but also a rather large increase towards the top end. The THD in the deep bass is commensurate with that seen from many other similar sub designs but it is rather higher up near 100-125Hz reaching 15% briefly at the maximum output levels reached. The good news is that the THD is dominated by the second harmonic over nearly the entire bandwidth of this subwoofer which is audibly the most benign harmonic and in some cases is actually preffered subjectively. 

CEA-2010 burst output testing indicates that the XV-15 is capable of good output down into the 16-20Hz range in the typical room and produces commendable output from 30-80Hz for a subwoofer in this price class. In room CEA-2010 testing showed that the XV-15 was even capable of some passing output at the 12.5Hz band. A pair of XV-15's should be a quite capable system in even a large room. 

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