Systems ListPowerSound AudioXV-15

ManufacturePowerSound Audio
System typeVented
Driver Size15 "
Number of drivers1
External volume6.1 ft3
Dimentions (Width × Height × Depth)23.5 " × 18.5 " × 24.25 "
Weight92 lbs
Native Tuning Frequency18 Hz
Power500 W
Aprox. Price$799 USD


This vented 15" unit from Powersound Audio is assembled in the US and uses North American sourced components wherever possible. PowerSound Audio itself is based out of Ohio. The basic design is a 15" down firing driver firing into a base plate with a moderate sized enclosure volume and vented via a back firing 4" precision port with generous flaring at both ends. The tuning of the port appears to come in around 18-20Hz. The driver is a long throw 15" built on the 12 spoke basket with a small diameter but triple stacked magnet motor.  The driver is said to have 2" peak to peak excursion capabilities. The amplifier is a 500w rated BASH type with built in DSP, protection and limiting which are set by Powersound at the factory. This unit is big for a commercial sub, but not huge and tips the scales at a hefty 92lbs. The price considering the North American assembly and componentry is surprisingly frugal at $799 with free shipping. Additionally the warranty term is a full 5 years on both the driver/cab and the electronics.  

In use the XV-15 proved to be quite capable and well rounded as indicated by the measurements and the listening sessions with it, which shows that the folks at PowerSound have a good grasp on how to make a well rounded cost effective subwoofer. Additionally PSA publishes quite a few measurements on their own subwoofers. The Data-Bass CEA-2010 results were within about a dB of PSA's own internal results and the other measurements corroborated each other well. The only misbehavior noted with the XV-15 is possible port chuffing when driven heavily near 20Hz and some pumping of the limiter in this same scenario. However both of these were only noted with test signals in an outdoor environment and never in room with typical content. Otherwise the XV-15 behaved flawlessly. Maximum output for this price range especially in the deep bass is much better than most subs under $1000, however 2 units will likely be wanted to provide headroom for very large rooms or users who like the bass hot and loud. 

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