Systems ListDIYRE Audio MX-18D2 Sealed

System typeSealed
DriverRE Audio MX-18 D2
Driver Size18 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume4.5 ft3
External volume6.12 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)23 " 23 " 20 "
Weight93 lbs
Aprox. Price$699 USD


Dropping the MX18 into a 4.5 cubic foot sealed enclosure results in a system with a decent response shape with a moderate hump near 40Hz but enough top end extension to be useful. The MX18 driver wants a little bit bigger enclosure than the 4.5 cubes available here which would increase deep bass sensitivity and flatten the response more while probably lowering deep bass distortion. The sensitivity is rather low so a big amplifier with a lot of voltage swing is needed to make this driver thump but once one is provided it can do well. Especially impressive are the maximum deep bass output capabilities even if the THD does get elevated quickly below 20Hz. The octave between 20-40Hz is where this really shines. The driver is very rugged both mechanically and thermally and was listened to as part of a bedroom system for quite some time. Overall it sounds similar to the XXX, very smooth but with slightly less deep bass.