Systems ListChase Home TheaterVS18.1

Measurement Details

AmplifierPowersoft Digam K10
Outside Temperature83 F
Date TestedAug 23, 2012
Tuning Freq. Of Test19 Hz
Settings & EqualizationNone.


Since this system is also offered as a passive cabinet the sensitivity and impedance was measured along with the CEA-2010 output with a very powerful external amplifier. The amplifier used has as much power as possible in order to determine where the limits of the cab are not the amplifier itself. This passive cabinet is $725 each and exhibits a minimum impedance of about 4.8 ohms which puts the nominal impedance at 4 ohms. The impedance measurement indicates that the driver has a well controlled inductance combined with a low moving mass, which combine to give it the extended top end seen in other response measurements and a high sensitivity. The tuning appears to be right about 19Hz judging from the impedance saddle placement. Moving on to the sensitivity measurements the 1m result was higher than expected giving a result of about 96dB with a 2 volt nominal input indicating that the Eminence built driver combines its very soft suspension, low moving mass and good inductance with a good amount of motor force. Moving the measurement to 20 volts at 10 meters drops the result by about 1dB to 95dB nominal which indicates that the 1 meter measurement may be picking up some boost from the large enclosure face. Either way 95dB sensitivity is quite good. CEA-2010 results with a very powerful amplifier produce results that are only slightly better than with the Chase provided 500w Sub1 amplifier over the 16-40Hz range which indicate that the Sub1 is well matched in power to this system. At 50Hz and above the larger amplifier can convince the VS18.1 cabinet to produce much higher output levels since the driver excursion is much reduced and the amplifier is capable of bursting in excess of 350 volts. Looking at the results from CEA-2010 between 16-40Hz with both amps and the sensitivity measurements the indication is that this cab would be best paired with amplifiers of 500 to 800w per VS18.1 otherwise the risk of overdriving the driver in the deep bass becomes a concern. 

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