Systems ListDIYTC Sounds LMSR12 Dual 15" VMP

Measurement Details

AmplifierPowersoft Digam K10
Outside Temperature65 F
Date TestedJan 5, 2012
Tuning Freq. Of Test18 Hz
Settings & Equalization
  • Butterworth 18dB/octave high pass filter


This system provides a lot of low bass from a reasonably small enclosure and output at 16Hz. A passing CEA-2010 result could not be mustered at the 10 or 12.5Hz bands which are significantly below tuning. The 15" VMP's were still well within their limits with only a single 12" active driver motivating them. The single LMS-R 12" driver offers good full bandwidth peak output but is very insensitive and power hungry. Displacement is impressive for a single 12" and excursion noise does not get excessive until past 2" peak to peak.


The bandwidth of 25-35Hz is where this particular system ran out of headroom first during the output compression testing as a result of very high active driver excursion. Bandwidth linearity and output tracking were both impressive especially for a system of less than 4cu ft external volume. Distortion results were also impressive up to the point that the active driver was being driven very hard. Overall the raw system response fits within a 6dB total window from slightly below 20Hz till past 200Hz which is impressive.

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