Systems ListSVSPB-13 Ultra

Measurement Details

AmplifierClosed Loop
Outside Temperature92 F
Date TestedOct 31, 2011


In 20Hz mode the PB13-Ultra offers the most output and least amount of compression compared to the other 2 modes of operation. The Ultra offers useful response up to almost 200Hz in all modes. The output compression and overall output headroom in 20Hz mode is slightly better than the other 2 modes of operation partly due to the increased port area and sensitivity above 20Hz. Sealed mode generally has the lowest maximum output and higher distortion. The distortion performance is exemplary above 20Hz regardless of configuration and the PB13-Ultra shows very good bandwidth uniformity between 20-125Hz at maximum output levels. There is the usual increase in group delay exhibited by a vented subwoofer with a steep high pass filter but otherwise the energy decay looks very good as well. In sealed mode the PB13-Ultra offers the best signal decay. 20Hz configuration offers the most headroom, 15Hz is likely to be the best operation mode for most users.

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