Systems ListRythmik AudioFV15HP

Measurement Details

AmplifierClosed Loop
Outside Temperature77 F
Date TestedMay 7, 2011


Comparing the 1 port open mode to the performance of the 2 ports open mode of the Rythmik FV15-HP shows that the 2 ports open mode has higher maximum output everywhere above 20hz. At 20Hz it is only a dB or 2 behind. The greater vent area of having both ports open also lowers the amount of vent compression and noise at the loudest drive levels. Distortion above 20Hz is also better with 2 ports open. The performance in the time domain is slightly worse. This subwoofer offers a lot of output from a modest size and for a reasonable cost considering the performance. The compression performance above 30Hz is very good up until the 115dB sweep level. 2 ports open is probably the better all around performance and recommended for larger spaces and people who need a lot of headroom. 1 port open mode is better for smaller spaces and people who like less loud playback volumes and want the deeper bass extension. The FV15-HP gives a solid performance in either case.

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