Systems ListRythmik AudioFV15HP

Measurement Details

AmplifierClosed Loop
Outside Temperature77 F
Date TestedMay 7, 2011
Tuning Freq. Of Test12 Hz
Settings & Equalization
  • Power set to the "On" position which defeats the limiter.
  • PEQ set to off
  • Delay/Phase set to 0
  • Crossover set to the maximum 120hz position
  • Level set to 12 o'clock
  • Low Pass set to EXT/12
  • Rumble Filter set to Off/1
  • Extension filter FREQ set to 14
  • Extension filter damping set to LOW


The FV15HP operated in 1 port mode exhibited very low extension down effectively to the 14-15Hz range anechoic. Due to the servo design and amplifier the top end above 90hz is gradually rolled out on this unit so it can't effectively be used much past 100Hz. The subwoofer shows a good amount of headroom and very good compression performance from 25Hz on up. Exceptionally good. Unfortunately the single 3" port can't cope with the output of the 15" driver and compresses a lot while also contributing a lot of wind noise at the highest output levels. Still overall headroom and low bass extension are very good. The distortion performance is decent but could be better. This sub also exhibits a good damping with no appreciable ringing to be concerned with.

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