Systems ListEpikEmpire

System typeSealed
Driver Size15 "
Number of drivers2
Internal volume4.2 ft3
External volume5.5 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)18 " 22 " 24 "
Weight125 lbs
Power600 W
Aprox. Price$799 USD


The Empire is a dual opposed sealed system featuring two 15" drivers. The build quality and weight of the unit is very good considering the system can be had for around $800 plus freight shipping. The first unit that was sent to us for testing had an issue with a glue joint in the cabinet somewhere that caused it to vibrate loudly near 80-90Hz, but we had that replaced under warranty.

The drivers are moderate duty units with stamped metal frames but a healthy sized motor. The cones are paper with an inverted dust cap. The drivers appear to have very light moving mass, high BL and high sensitivity, but moderate stroke. The amplifier is a high quality unit for this price range.

Due to the dual opposed nature of this unit, it is impossible to aim both radiators at the microphone position there is a calibration difference required to compare this type of system to a front firing arrangement. See our article about dual or triple opposed compensation for full details.

Overall the Empire yields good performance for a medium sized sealed subwoofer especially for the price. The dual 15's provide great sensitivity so even with just 600 watts plenty of SPL can be had.