Systems ListPremier AcousticPA-150

Measurement Details

AmplifierClosed Loop
Outside Temperature85 F
Date TestedMay 7, 2011
Settings & Equalization
  • Power set to On
  • Volume at 12 O'clock
  • Phase at 0
  • Crossover at maximum


This unit has respectable measurements considering the budget range. The response is rolled off towards the low end and a bit rolled off up top as well but output should be useful up to maybe 150Hz. the unit is under ported and there was some compression of the vent and vent noise at maximum output levels.

The limiting and protection circuits worked quite well and will not let you damage the unit. The driver would produce some distress noise at low frequencies. The distortion is moderate and increases at the highest output levels but is not terrible. The maximum long term output is fairly good for this size of unit and the cost but output below 30Hz is limited. The tuning of the vent appears to be 25Hz or so but the response is rolled off quite a bit below 30Hz.

Looking at the burst output, this unit offers impressive output capabilities at 40Hz and higher. Useful output in room would probably be about 25Hz but the unit offers most of its capabilities at 30Hz and above. This is a great choice for loud music playback if you have a large space and a limited budget but this subwoofer could not provide realistic home theater bass reproduction in a 4000 cubic foot room.

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