Systems ListDIYTC Sounds LMSR12 Sealed

System typeSealed
DriverTC Sounds LMS-R 12
Driver Size12 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume1.25 ft3
External volume2.05 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)15.25 " 15.25 " 15.25 "
Weight55 lbs
Aprox. Price$400 USD


A solid all around performance shown here from a very small subwoofer. Particularly notable is the low frequency maximum output which is impressive. The distortion performance is also rather good up until the highest output levels where it rapidly rises at the lowest frequencies. This is normal for a sealed alignment. Efficiency is rather low but the driver has very good power handling. Power compression results are also good. The driver started to exhibit some distress noises on the highest sweep levels so testing was stopped there. The top end response was rolled off a little towards 200Hz. 3 or 4 of these scattered about a room or placed in a vehicle would be a very capable system with minimal space consumed. A slightly smaller enclosure could also be used without much detrimental effect on the performance.