Systems ListDanley Sound LabsDTS-10 kit

ManufactureDanley Sound Labs
System typeTapped Horn
DriverDanley Sound Labs DSL 12
Driver Size12 "
Number of drivers2
External volume24.24 ft3
Dimentions (Width × Height × Depth)16 " × 44 " × 59.5 "
Weight285 lbs
Native Tuning Frequency14.5 Hz


The DTS-10 is offered in a kit format or a fully assembly and painted pro subwoofer system. Like most of the Danley bass systems this is a variation of their proprietary tapped horn design. The DTS-10 features dual 12” drivers mounted inverted from one other. The inverted design helps balance out asymmetric behavior and tames some of the even ordered harmonic distortion. Designed to provide a lot of low frequency output for home theater for reasonable cost, this system was designed with input from the DIY community.

The DTS-10 has an effective loading down till about 14Hz, which is very low and unusual for a horn system. This makes the system especially unique considering almost all horns have very high cutoff frequencies due to size constraints. Additionally, venue requirements don’t often demand extension capabilities remotely that low, so such horns are very uncommon. Due to these wavelength requirements of low frequencies, the DTS-10 is extremely large for housing just two 12” drivers. At over 24 cubic feet, you could replace the equivalent volume with literately a dozen reasonably sized subwoofers like the LMS-R 12" Sealed which would indeed have the potential to surpass the output of the same sized horn at all frequencies, albeit with much higher costs and weight. For just a pair of twelves, the system achieves far greater SPL than what you might expect.

In kit format, the DTS-10 comes in a multiple pieces of unpainted CNC’ed birch plywood, a few grills, two drivers and some instructions. The fully assembly version is finished with Danley’s professional black cabinet finished and is ready to rock out of the box. Both versions are available passive but the finished version is available in an active version with built in amplification and DSP. The DTS-10 produces plenty of output with even just a few hundred watts thanks to its sensitivity. Ideally we feel this subwoofer is best when mated with 2000watts or more of continuous power.