Systems ListJTR SpeakersCaptivator S2

ManufactureJTR Speakers
System typeSealed
Driver Size18 "
Number of drivers2
External volume8.75 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)21 " 18 " 40 "
Weight220 lbs
Power4000 W
Aprox. Price$2999 USD


The Captivator S2 is JTR's biggest and most powerful sealed system. The overall size is not that large considering that it houses two 18" drivers and a large plate amp. The cabinet measures 40x21x18" with only the 40" dimension being larger than normal. The 18" depth is small enough that the S2 can fit into some places that you would not expect. The S2 cab itself is constructed sturdily with void free birch ply as are all of the JTR offerings and features the standard flat black finish which is quite durable. Though the S2 is rather compact for housing two very large 18" drivers it is not light by any means and weighs in at 220lbs. Most of this weight is due to the twin 18" drivers which weigh somewhere around 60lbs each. The drivers are built in the US and feature the Ti frame originally introduced by TC Sounds, large half roll foam surrounds, carbon fiber dust-caps, 10" spiders for linearity even at high voice coil displacements, a shorting ring in the motor, large ferrite based motors and a claimed xmax of 33mm. The drivers are recessed into the front baffle and grilles are optional. Judging from the measurements the drivers are robust indeed. The plate amplifier motivating the drivers is a 4000 watt rated Torpedo plate amp from Speakerpower. The Torpedo amplifier platform has been seen in a number of other high end active subwoofers including other JTR's and has proven to be very efficient and powerful. The Captivator S2 has a direct cost of $2999 which is not cheap by most standards but considering the hardware involved and the performance it offers the cost seems very reasonable. 

The measurements and performance assessment of the Captivator S2 indicate a powerful sealed system which offers a lot of output density per cubic foot of volume taken up in room. The long term and burst output indicate it is capable of driving even a large space quite well, which is difficult for a sealed design. Producing over 112dB at 20Hz from a sealed design is not easy in a ground plane test setting. The low bass output is up among the most powerful active systems that have been tested here which include some larger vented models. Additionally the Torpedo amplifier seems to run out of power a bit before the drivers so the S2 wouldn't produce any truly bad noises or be in danger of damaging the drivers in most concievable situations. The cabinet was rock solid and didn't produce any bad noises or buzzes even with the loudest sine wave tests. The S2's response shape is predictable and could be easily tailored to fit most rooms. When the response is smooth, available headroom is high, the system overloads gracefully, the response is free from ringing or smearing and distortion is kept in check, the result is a system capable of excellent subjective performance. The Cap S2 does well in all of these areas and offers a compelling set of measurements and attributes that place it among the top performing active designs that have been tested for Data-Bass.