Systems ListJTR SpeakersNoesis 215RT

ManufactureJTR Speakers
System typeVented
Driver Size15 "
Number of drivers2
External volume15.94 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)17 " 22.5 " 72 "
Weight215 lbs
Native Tuning Frequency18Hz Hz
Aprox. Price$3499 USD


The 215RT is JTR Speakers flagship fullrange tower speaker. At 215 lbs each and 6ft tall these are a BIG main speaker and visually imposing to say the least. The design uses a high grade, void free, 24mm thick, BB ply for the cabinet construction, which houses a pair of proprietary, high efficiency, long throw 15" drivers, that weigh over 30lbs each and a high end BMS sourced coaxial compression driver, loaded into a large 60x60 degree horn. The horn itself is constructed as part of the enclosure and is flanked above and below by the pair of 15" drivers. A large slot vent with an 18Hz tuning resides at the bottom of the baffle. The crossover point to the woofers is made at a lower than usual frequency in order to help maintain point source imaging over most of the frequency bandwidth, but the MF/HF unit is quite robust having a 4" voice coil in the midrange section and neodymium based motor system. Although not tested this MF/HF unit should have very high sensitivity when loaded into the large horn. The crossover components are of very high quality and the speaker has the extremely large heavy duty binding posts as seen on the smaller JTR Noesis 212. The cabinet is finished in a flat matte black as standard but higher end finishes are available with an upcharge in cost.

Typically we do not test fullrange speaker designs here at Data-Bass but measurements of the woofer section only were requested so an exception was made in this case. As the measurements show this is a high efficiency speaker capable of prodigious bass output and headroom, especially once you consider that a pair as used for a typical install will offer even more headroom over the single speaker that was tested. With the large SD of dual 15" drivers and a large cabinet volume to work with this is a speaker that can truly operate without dedicated subwoofers and offer prodigious headroom down to the 16Hz range. In fact a single 215RT is capable of outperforming many of the dedicated subwoofers on the market. The cabinet was inert even at very high output levels with test signals and the slot vent was relatively free from air noises compared to most, owing to the large vent area most likely. The high efficiency of this design means that even when paired with a small amplifier it will produce a lot of sound power, but as the measurements show it takes a strong amplifier to reach its full dynamic potential and the impedance does drop quite low in a few areas of the bass range, so it'd probably be best to pair it with an amplifier having a significant current and voltage reserve for best performance. This is a speaker that should have no trouble with effortless, dynamic playback of demanding material.