Systems ListJTR SpeakersGrowler 2015

ManufactureJTR Speakers
System typeHorn
Driver Size12 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume5.5 ft3
External volume7.81 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)30 " 20 " 22.5 "
Weight88 lbs
Aprox. Price$999 USD


The JTR Growler subwoofer is a passive system which is a compact front loaded horn with a high power 12" driver. The external dimensions are the same as the Captivator subwoofer but the two systems are entirely different designs with different design goals. Where the Captivator is intended for music or home theater use with strong output capabilities down to the 16Hz range, the Growler is primarily intended for live or recorded sound reinforcement and a focus on sensitivity and output in the 40-100Hz bandwidth. It is also designed to be portable and rugged to take the abuse of professional use. It is significantly lighter than the Captivator at "only" 88 lbs. The enclosure is built from 15mm thick, void free, BB plywood which has convenient handles designed into it. The input jacks are Neutrik Speakon. The finish is a very tough "Line-X" coating and the grille is a heavy duty 16 gauge steel. The 12" driver employed is said to be a high power handling unit with a generous 23mm one way xmax rating. The cabinet construction appeared to be rock solid. Judging from the abuse this cab took during some of the high power measurements the driver is
one rugged 12".

The measurements of the Growler indicate that the system indeed should perform very well at its intended job of providing a bunch of bass in the typical music register, from a cabinet that is light and compact in size. The measurements also conform quite well with the factory JTR specifications overall. The Growler isn't designed to go much below 40Hz so it is no surprise that it is not a deep bass monster, but for kick drums, bass guitar and the typical bass content in music it provides a lot of output, from a minimum of enclosure and weight. The sensitivity is also quite good for the cab size with a legitimate 100dB with a 2.83volt input and it represents a rather easy 8ohm nominal load, so even without a monstrous amp, a couple of Growlers should do some damage. A block of 4 with a high voltage amp could easily fit in a small trailer or van and would be plenty for a lot of medium/small venues.