Systems ListJTR SpeakersJTR Captivator 1400

ManufactureJTR Speakers
System typeVented
Driver Size18 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume5.5 ft3
External volume7.81 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)30 " 20 " 22.5 "
Weight130 lbs
Native Tuning Frequency17 Hz
Power1400 W
Aprox. Price$1999 USD


JTR's Captivator 1400 is a moderate sized vented 18" system which is the younger brother to the much lauded Captivator 2400, which has been offered for a few years now. The cabinet dimensions are big as far as home subwoofers go but for a vented 18" unit with such a low tuning, it is relatively compact, though it does weigh in at around 130lbs unpacked. The cabinet construction is of void free 15mm BB, with internal bracing a forward firing driver and a slot vent also firing from the bottom of the front of the enclosure. The vent tuning is 17Hz. There is a magnetically attached grille and the standard finish is a durable matte black. Other more aesthetically pleasing finishes are available for a slight up charge. The Cap 1400 and 2400 share similar cabinets but different amplifiers. The Cap2400 utilizes a 2400 watt rated amplifier, while the 1400 utilizes a slightly less brawny 1400 watt rated amp and carries a bit lower price. Both are sourced from Speakerpower and the 1400 amplifier is based on the well known "ICE" module. The 1400 amplifier is recessed into the back of the cabinet a bit which is nice and has a rather simple and uncluttered layout. The amplifier module carries both XLR and RCA style connectors, a volume control, 12 volt trigger input with auto "On" feature, offers 120 or 240v operation and has a room compensation control which adjusts the "weight" of the deep bass response. The driver is the same as in the Cap2400 and is an 18" unit built in the USA which features a very powerful motor with a BL^2/Re rating of 256 and a generous 30mm one way xmax. Certainly the driver is a powerful and capable unit as evidenced by the measurements.

The price tag for the Cap1400 is $1999 direct from the manufacturer. It is a lot of sub for the money. One of the more powerful all around home audio subs that has been tested for Data-Bass to this point, regardless of price. The Cap1400 put forth an impressive set of measurements and offers loads of deep bass headroom. Other than a bit of port noise near tuning and some distortion at the very limits of output with test signals it was utterly stoic during testing. The amplifier seemed to be well matched to the driver. The standard finish or size may be a bit much for some decors, but it is hard to find fault with the performance metrics posted by this sub.