Systems ListDIYStereo Integrity HS24 Large Sealed

System typeSealed
DriverStereo Integrity HS24-d2
Driver Size24 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume16.5 ft3
External volume23 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)48 " 36 " 23 "
Weight220 lbs
Aprox. Price$2000 USD


Here is the recap...REALLY big driver in BIG cab makes a LOT of bass.

There is a little more to it than big SPL though. The low bass efficiency of this system is very good for a sealed system. This can handle a big amp of course but it will make quite a bit of noise with something rated at "only" 1000w into 4ohms. The top end is not bad. The big box helps as a smaller box would hump the response a bit more. It rolls off a bit towards 100Hz and has a bit of response issues up past 200Hz but really who buys one of these mammoth 24's and plans to run it up past 100 Hz at full power? It has enough sensitivity to get pretty loud in the upper bass still. There are no time domain issues worth mentioning in the bandwidth of interest for this driver either. The distortion measurements look very good. The loudest sweep conducted at 100 volts produced over 120dB from 30-120Hz at 2 meters outdoors and the distortion was well below 10% THD. This driver sounds pretty good. It overloads gracefully as well. There is a clear indication of suspension noise and increased distortion well before it actually bottoms. You'll need to be putting a ton of juice on it to get there to begin with. In a box this size the region to be careful with is below 15Hz as that's where the driver excursion gets big quick. It's a relatively easy load on an amp as configured here as well. It's 5ohms or more above 10Hz. The CEA-2010 burst measurements indicate just how much air this thing can move. The results from 16-40Hz show that with more than double the cone area of most 18" drivers and a huge amount of excursion on tap it really can compete with or exceed the headroom of two, three or even four 18's in some cases. Of course the enclosure is about 4X the size of that used to regularly test 18" drivers here. It would be interesting to see how the HS24's performance would change in an enclosure half the size of this one or about 8cu ft. That may be a test for a later date.

The Recap:...Huge low bass displacement. Expensive. Looks cool. Rugged and abuse tolerant. Needs a bit of space to work its magic. Surprisingly solid set of measurements overall.