Systems ListRBH SoundSX1212-R

ManufactureRBH Sound
System typeVented
Driver Size12 "
Number of drivers2
Internal volume5.5 ft3
External volume8.3 ft3
Dimentions (Width ◊ Height ◊ Depth)21 " ◊ 17.75 " ◊ 38.5 "
Weight130 lbs
Native Tuning Frequency20Hz Hz
Power2400 W


This is RBHís biggest most powerful subwoofer and is one of the most powerful commercial subs that has been tested. It features dual 12Ē aluminum cone long throw drivers designed by RBH in a large curved sided vented cabinet. The vent is a 6Ē diameter flared Aeroport that fires from the bottom of the cabinet. The amplifier motivating the drivers is a Speakerpower unit which proved more than up to the task of spanking the drivers tails.

The SX-1212P/R is a big sub as commercial units go but it really isnít as big as one would expect from the stats and it takes up surprisingly little floor space. It also isnít back-breaking heavy. Itís heavy but can be moved by one guy. The grille is a simple cloth over wood which fastens into the front and covers the drivers. The only finish available appears to be black ash veneer. The SX-1212P/Rís port is held off of the floor by 4 of the biggest aluminum feet Iíve seen on a speaker. It is a good looking sub and the build quality is good with heavy enclosure panels, double baffle and internal bracing used throughout. There is also a lot of dampening in the enclosure. It is a powerful and strong performer but this is a large and expensive subwoofer.

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