Drivers ListDanley Sound Labs DriversDSL 12

ManufactureDanley Sound Labs
Motor TypeOverhung
Driver Size12 "
Driver Weight25 lbs
Coil Diameter3 "
Coil MaterialAL
Manufacture's Xmax15 mm

TS Parameters (Measured by

Fs22.6 Hz
Res4.35 Ω
Le 1khz5.08 mH
Sd0.0507 m2
Vas95.7 liters
Mms186 grams
Cms267 μm/N
BL20.92 Tm
BL2/Res100.6 N2/W
L/R Time Constant1.17 milliseconds
SplSens88.07 dB


This driver is contracted through and built by Eminence for Danley Sound Labs and is used in multiple Danley subwoofers systems. It is a well built and sturdy driver with high motor force. The inductance performance is middle of the road and the xmax is rated at 15mm. In actual use these drivers were noise free up to and past 15mm but a doubling noise developed at about 18-20mm excursion. The final limits seemed to be at about 23mm or so when the driver is overloaded and the motor and suspension are both out of gas. This is a soft bottom design so the coil will not clank against the t-yoke rather it will just make lots of distortion near the limit.rn

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