Drivers ListTC Sounds DriversLMS-5400

ManufactureTC Sounds
Motor TypeLMS
Driver Size18 "
Driver Weight80 lbs
Coil Diameter4 "
Coil MaterialAL
Coil Length3.25 "
Gap Height0.6 "
Manufacture's Xmax38 mm
Geometric Xmax33.7 mm
Aprox. Price$875 USD

TS Parameters (Measured by

Fs20.8 Hz
Res3.78 Ω
Le 1khz3.83 mH
Sd0.1195 m2
Vas231 liters
Mms502.5 grams
Cms116 μm/N
BL28.8 Tm
BL2/Res219.5 N2/W
L/R Time Constant1.01 milliseconds
SplSens90.28 dB


This is the original version of the TC LMS-5400 driver as denoted by the red frame color. The driver uses linear motor technology which consists of a variable wound voice coil which works to linearize the motor force of the stroke. This driver feature a very large 10" diameter motor consisting of four ferrite slugs and a large pole vent. This version has a threaded motor and top assembly that screw together for quick assembly or servicing. The frame is a very large with room for wide spiders and high excursion. This driver utilizes dual 10" spiders with a spacer in between. The inductance performance is also rather good considering the massive voice coil and amount of steel in the gap. To combat inductance and modulation, the 5400 motor contains a large aluminum shorting ring just under the gap. The surround is a high roll rubber type and the cone is a one piece aluminum dish with a reinforcement collar where the former attaches. The motor force is good on this driver due to the massive motor despite the LMS design which sacrifices some potential BL at the rest position. The top end response of this driver is flat and does not start to roll up until past two to three hundred hertz. The manufacturers xmax rating is 38mm and the stroke is quite clean from mechanical noise up until about 30mm one way excursion. There is some surround dimpling and mechanical noise at 40mm and the mecanical limit is rated as 44mm. Driving the woofer to this limit may result in damage to the cone which is a one of the biggest shortcomings and can quickly turn a good day into a disaster. Overall the distortion and compression performance from this driver are extremely good due to the exceptional displacement and linearity. The 5400 demonstrates a good balance between displacement and efficiency.

TC Sounds 18" LMS-5400 Systems